🧦 How to use and how to take care of our socks?

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πŸ”“ Tie your socks with the button when you take them off, you'll be so happy to find them together when you get them out of the washing machine!

βš™οΈ Put on and take off the button a few times before you wear them for the first time to make sure the hole is large enough.

πŸ‘ž With the friction of your shoes, wearing may appear, especially on areas like the heel or sole. Actually, this a pretty good sign: the layer of polyamide that was added wears away to delay the appearance of a hole on the cotton.

πŸ’ͺ Don't rip the thread connecting the socks when they are brand new, just cut it, otherwise you might create another hole!

πŸ’… Take care of your toenails, this is the number one cause for holes in socks.

🦢Walking in socks is damaging them!

⭐️ Show them: you've chosen great socks, the entire world wants to see them.

Β Sock's maintenance

🧺 Wash your socks at 30°C or 40°C, it's just as effective and more environmentally friendly

πŸ”₯ Don't iron your socks, it can damage the elastane

🌍 For the planet and the life of your socks, avoid the dryer. If you have no choice, do it at a low temperature and in delicate mode so you'll never damage the elastane of the socks

πŸ”™ Wash your socks inside out to avoid hair or pilling from other clothes sticking to the outside.


So, in summary, wear them the way you like and pay a little attention to them so they will last a few years!

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